Sunday, February 25, 2007

Philippine Nebula Simulacra

Above is a picture of what has been dubbed the "Philippine nebula" due to its resemblance to the Philippine archipelago (left). It was sent to me by email. The uncanny similarity is a natural phenomenon of how images, patterns, and objects in nature can appear familiar to people in some way. Such things are known as simulacra.

Common simulacra are things that appear like religious icons. Such are often revered in the Philippines and are considered miracles. Religious simulacra have been identified in tree bark, floor tiles, clouds, and yes, even deep nebulas in outer space. With a little patience, you can find simulacra yourself. If you do find one, you can send a copy to be posted here.
Does anyone know the name and location of the "parent" nebula that the Philippine nebula belongs to? I would also like to know the source of the photograph posted here so that I can add the proper credits. I would appreciate any help.

Philippine Islands photo courtesy of Google Earth.
Philippine nebula photo courtesy of (unknown).

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Dennis Salazar said...

Check this out for the source of your photo: