Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Commercial Compressed Air Cars Break Wind

Make way for cars that run on air! Compressed air cars are now in commercial production in India. The Air Car, as developed by former Formula One engineer Guy Nègre, will be built by Tata Motors, India's largest automobile manufacturer. Instead of the combustion of fuel, the Air Car uses compressed air to move the cars pistons which turn the wheels. It can go for 125 miles at 68mph on a full load of air from a gasoline station's air compressor hose. The filling time is only a few minutes. A full tank costs only about $2.00.

The Air Car is basically still an electric vehicle. It only uses the compressed air to store electrical energy without the batteries. In effect, the compressed air stores the potential energy that used to be provided by storage batteries. What's wonderful about it is that it has no need for an electric motor. Thus, it is quiet and runs clean. Hybrid compressed air and gasoline cars are predicted to have a range far enough to enable cross-country trips. Now that would surely give fossil fuel dealers a run for their money!


Precommissioning said...

Compressed air is indeed making a lot of things possible nowadays. It would be really great if people would support this innovation.

kompresör said...

At one time, pneumatic tools were used mostly in industry. Today, they are gaining popularity with do-it-yourselfers coast-to-coast.