Monday, September 24, 2007

3D Technology Enters the Home Without the Glasses

Philips is going where no television has gone before, or at least commercially. It will soon be making available, the first 3D mass-market television that allows viewers to watch shows in three dimensions. That's right. It would be as if there's a real scene and objects inside your television that you can just reach out to and touch!

Actually, it was launched back in 2005, but as you can tell, it still has to make waves, and I'll bet that's soon. The technology works by showing the same picture shown in different angles in layers, which are then "translated" into 3D with a lenticular screen. This new TV will have applications not only for entertainment but for advertising and medicine as well.

I'd like to thank Jim Dorey for taking me to his blog, which has a lot of good stuff on 3D entertainment.

Check out this really weird headset TV which makes you look like the Marvel villain, Mysterio.

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3-D DLP TV with the glasses

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