Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nazca Lines Vandalism or Real Airplane Seen in Google Maps?

The Nazca Lines have been in existence for thousands of years and are proof that natives of the Nazca desert had the capability to make giant drawings that can only be appreciated from the air. The feat has led to speculation that these ancient people had the capacity to fly using hot air balloons and even gliders. Indeed, small gold figures of what appear to be aircraft had been found in the area. These have been concluded to be figures of birds, but some people see otherwise.

What came as a surprise to me when viewing them using Google Maps was a "recent drawing" of an airplane - which looked as if it was done in the same manner the ancients did - moving rocks to expose the lighter sand underneath. At a glance, it may look like the worst kind of environmental vandalism to be made on an ancient archaeological site apart from the swirling tire tracks already present near the highway.

If it's not for real (or a real plane carrying tourists), then it's likely a "photoshopped" practical joke made by someone who messed around with Google Maps. It can be pretty misleading. But it's likely a real plane flying over the lines! Anyway, there's the picture grab. You can look for it yourself in Google Maps.

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Anonymous said...

Southwest of the plane you can see its shadow. Apparently the photograph was taken from an airplane that was flying a lot higher.

alvinwriter said...

Yes, it's a real plane, likely carrying tourists. There are others to be found if you have the patience. They can take you by surprise if you see them for the first time on Google Earth.