Thursday, June 4, 2009

Philippine Scientist Solves Termite Problem: Houses Made of Chicken Feathers

Termites are practically everywhere where there are houses and they cost homeowners thousands in house maintenance costs. Sometimes, the problem becomes too much and prompts the homeowner to relocate to somewhere less infested by termites. One scientist may have partly solved the problem of termites. The solution he gave? Chickens!

Chickens? Yes! But the chickens won't be eating the termites, if that's what you think. This scientist, professor Menandro Acda of the University of the Philippines, has come up with a construction board that's made of cement and chicken feathers. He says composite boards made from feathers are more fire-resistant than those made from wood chips and also termite-resistant because they are not eaten by them. The boards also help ease the problem of chicken feather disposal, which contributes a lot to landfill garbage.

Acda says the boards may be used for paneling, ceilings, and insulations but says much work needs to be done to make them feasible for other construction purposes. For now, they cannot be used for pillars and other support structures. But it's likely there will be houses soon that will be made of his chicken feather boards. Environmental scientists may be amenable to moving into such a home.

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