Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Explanation Behind Four-Leaf Clovers

Four-leaf clovers are supposed to be a lucky find for those who come upon them. People are always happy to get one. It's rare, but why do some clovers have four leaves? Science has the answer. Four-leaf clovers are actually the result of a genetic mutation of the trifolium clover plant which has over 300 species. Each leaf of the trifolium clover has three leaflets, as the name already suggests. but there are instances when there are more. St. Patrick supposedly used the three leaflets to symbolize the Holy Trinity.This could also have helped promote the clover as a lucky charm.

According to biologist Kenneth Olsen, clover leaves can have more than three leaflets as the plant is already genetically-inclined to sport such an anomaly. In fact, the record of the most clover leaf leaflets ever found is fifteen! If you ever find such a clover "leaf" you must really, really be lucky! The fiteen-leaf clover was found by was found by Shigeo Obara of Japan in May of 2002 and now he's famous.

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