Thursday, May 27, 2010

L-Ergothioneine from Ergot Is Anti Aging in OXIS Antioxidant Products

In 1909, an amino acid called L-Ergothioneine was discovered. It was extracted from the ergot fungus (Cliviceps purpurea), which some of you may have read as responsible for a condition called St. Anthony’s fire. Victims of ergot in the Middle Ages were said to have experienced symptoms of ergotism after ingesting rye bread tainted with ergot (left; shown on wheat spikes). The sensations of ergotism included a burning sensation in limbs due to constricted blood circulation, and hallucinations. But thankfully, those horror stories are better off in movies. Truth be told, ergot today is really the source of practical medicines that help in postnatal bleeding and migraines.

Lately, the super antioxidant properties of L-Ergothioneine (left; molecule) were discovered, leading the way to nutraceutical anti aging products that allow people to live healthier lives. One company that’s pursuing this is OXIS International. This company has taken L-Ergothioneine, or ERGO, to a new level of recognition and efficacy as the primary youth-enhancing ingredient of its products, like Ergo-Pur™ and Ergo-Plex™. OXIS has placed these two products at the forefront, with others to follow.

OXIS has patented the synthesis process for ERGO, which was previously too impractical to extract from natural sources like the ergot fungus. The quantity is just too small. While L-Ergothioneine is also found in grapes, mushrooms, meat, and milk products that people eat, not much gets into the body because of the low levels involved. But with the OXIS process, L-Ergothioneine can now easily find its way to consumers who will benefit from its antioxidant properties.

But why ERGO? OXIS uses  L-Ergothioneine because of its ability to work with other antioxidants like glutathione in order to promote anti aging in cells. It neutralizes free radical atoms in the body that destroy cells by attacking them so as to capture electrons. L-Ergothioneine stops reactive oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the body before they can do oxidative stress damage. With ERGO in OXIS products, the result is ready protection from age- and disease-related conditions that affect the brain, the skin, and the blood. OXIS products detoxify, reduce inflammation, regulate blood-sugar, and improve the immune system.

According to OXIS, it intends to develop partnerships and long-term relationships with consumers and wellness industry leaders. The ultimate goal of OXIS is to be a “partner in health,” such that even with initial penny stocks, it is assured of a future where healthy and happy customers are at the center of its neutraceutical consumer products.

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