Sunday, April 1, 2007

4,000-Year-Old Perfumes Found on Island of Goddess of Love

The remains of the world's oldest perfumes have been dicovered in clay jars on Cyprus, the island said to be the birthplace of Aphrodite (Venus), the goddess of love, lust, and beauty. They are over 4,000 years old. Upon analysis, the main ingredients were found to be anise, pine, coriander, bergamot, almond, and parsley. Excavation leader Maria Rosaria Belgiorno says parsley is a terrible fragrance when used alone but that it is a good one when used with other ingredients. Essence of parsley anyone? The ancient fragrances may soon hit commercial shelves.

The picture on the left is a depiction of Aphrodite in a classical pose and style. It is titled Venus at the Bath by JW Godward. Click on the image to see the host site.

It is interesting to note that throughout history, Aphrodite, or Venus, has been depicted in many ways. Some of them are not as appealing as the picture here. But generally, she is depicted as beautiful and voluptuous. The most famous Venus painting, or the one people are familiar with, is perhaps the one by the painter Sandro Botticelli---The Birth of Venus.

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