Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mind-controlled Toys in the Works

Engineers at NeuroSky Inc. are making toys that can be controlled using brain waves. In a demonstration in the company office in Silicon valley using a Darth Vader costume and lightsaber, an apparatus is worn like a tiara over the forehead (underneath the mask). This is what reads the brains electrical impulses and translates them into a wireless receiver in a toy light saber. The sword lights up whenever the player concentrates. If his attention wanders, the llight switches off. Developers say that it can have many other applicationss such as controlling an avatar in a computer game. To make it work, the player has to be calm and not get excited or nervous while playing. The technology does seem to be exciting, but if it will stifle the joy of playing, it may not be a hit to hardcore video gamers. The picture below shows NeuroSky staff Cynthia Lee using the product.

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