Monday, March 12, 2007

Help Develop Firefox 3

Firefox fans now have the opportunity to help develop the world's most popular free/open source Web browser. Through Mozilla Wiki, users of the browser can participate in the Firefox Feature Brainstorming Web page. There, they can post comments of features they would want to see in future versions of the browser, particularly for the upcoming Firefox 3, which is expected to be out in two years. Mike Schroepfer, vice president of engineering for Mozilla Foundation says that "anybody who has a good idea and wants to participate" can enter comments on the wiki page, Schroepfer said. "We're just looking for as wide a range of feedback as people want to give. We've generally tried to solicit ideas in the past. It's part of how we work in general." This is the site where you can participate:

You may want to join the Spread Firefox! (SFx) community where you can get involved in spreading the word about Firefox. If you haven't tried Firefox for yourself on your computer, you should first get a copy to install. Firefox is free and you get the benefits of a commercially-available browser.

If you find Firefox useful, you may join the Spread Firefox! (SFx) community here:

Firefox's partner is Thunderbird, a full-featured email application where you can easily import your existing email accounts and messages. You can check it out here:

Read more about how Firefox can benefit you here:

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