Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Win $25-million for Environmental Machine!

Billionnaire philanthropist Richard Branson, together with former US vise president Al Gore, has recently announced a $25 million prize for anyone who can make a machine that can remove greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, from the atmosphere. This is in order to curb global warming. A report by climatologists in Paris stated that global warming will continue for hundreds of years and if it is not stopped, the Earth will be in a hot seat, so to speak.

Branson compared the competition to one in 1675 for a method of determining longitude accurately. English clock maker John Harrison won the prize 60 years after it was announced. It was King George III gave him his due. Now that there's a similar contest, who and when will it be won?

In the meantime, perhaps it would be best to plant more trees. After all, the tree is the best machine of all to rid the air of carbon dioxide. What do you think?

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