Thursday, March 1, 2007

New Market for Human Pheromones

I recently read about how pheromones in human male sweat can promote hormonal changes in females. These pheromones, androstenol and androstenone, have recently been used in some perfume brands. Studies have shown that these have a direct impact on menstrual cycles and ovulation.
One particular research done at the Athena Institute for Women's Wellness Research established that human male pheromones affected the sexual attractiveness of men to women. It stated that "there was a significant increase in male sociosexual behaviors in which a woman's sexual interest and cooperation plays a role..."

Another study conducted by Claus Wedekind of Switzerland showed that female subjects were reminded of old-boyfriends after they smelled shirts worn by male subjects who had immune systems not similar to their own. On the other hand, the shirts from males with immune systems like their own reminded them of male family members.

With all the studies on human pheromones, it seems logical that perfume manufacturers would synthesize male pheromones to add to their brands, and this is already happening. Human female pheromones called copulins are also being used. So, what's the next step? Perfume brands of celebrities with extracts of their own sweat? How does "Essense of Brad Pitt with arm pit extract in new woodsy scent" sound? But if you can't afford perfume, your best bet would be to not take a bath. This way, you'd be exuding a lot of attractive pheromones. What do you think? The photo is from

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